Trader Wizard

The purpose of the Trader Wizard educational site is the empowerment of individuals by providing particular tools and knowledge needed to gain greater control over their financial lives. Trader Wizard focuses on a financial area that has traditionally been out of the individual's control, that of trading for profit in the capital markets. Indeed, until recently individuals have been kept at arm's length from their own invested assets by the institutions they hired to produce that profit. Whether their investments made money or lost money was entirely up to "professionals" who collected fees in either case.

With the advent of Internet-based discount brokerages, individuals gained the means to do their own buying and selling in the capital markets. However, it quickly became apparent to countless investors that it can be even easier to lose money when doing their own investing than when they entrusted their assets to institutions.

Trader Wizard presents the expertise, tools, and tactics you need to compete in the markets. You wouldn't take the controls of an aircraft without training ­ don't take control of your investing without equally rigorous training and proven knowledge. To do so in either case invites a crash.

Welcome to your personal trader development resource.